Clothing Haul🛍

Hi guys! This time I decided to do a clothing haul. I spent a lot of money these two weeks for
shopping because I wanted to renew my wardrobe and I want to show you them.

This buy is one of my favorite. I was thinking about it for a long time aaaaaaaaand yes! It's mine. I really loved this pink leather jacket and I think that I will wear it very often. It is from Zara.

I loved these shoes at first sight and I bought this pair without think a second thought and I don't regret it of course!!!

This leather bag which has a very good quality is from Gabor. I didn't know this brand since I bought this bag, anyway I'm very satisfied!

These jeans are trend for this year and I liked them because they are very different from my other jeans.

I bought this white vest top from H&M because a white top is always necessary.

I love my new sports shorts from Nike because of their snaky design and colors.

And finally, I bought these sports shirts (Nike & Adidas).


Hi guys! My name is Marianthi Papadopoulou and I'm a new fashion blogger from Greece.I'm 15 years old and my dream is to become a successful fashion designer. Fashion is my passion and that's why I created this Blog.

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