Get ready with Avon💄


      Have a great month !A beauty post is here. Get ready today with me and Avon . These are my favorite products from Avon ,to find more just keep reading!...

I prefer using a bb cream every day .

I usually use this true colour eyeshadow to highlight under the angle of my eyebrows, inner corners of my eyes and my nose.

This product is for concealing the black bags under my eyes.

I love my bronzing pearls, they give some warmth in my cheeks.

This eyeliner is very easy to use because it has a convenient brush.Try it!

Mascara is a must product and these ones give extra volume to your eyelashes.

I really like the combination of these lipsticks.
                                   #Chic  #Marvelous Mocha

Lately I'm obsessed with this blue nail color from Avon.
                           #inky blue by Avon

 I choose this hand cream with cocoa butter and vitamin e because I really like the smell and also revitalises dry hands like mine.

This oil helps my hair to be healthier.

This is one of my favourites face masks with Mediterranean olive oil which replenishes essential moisture leaving the skin hydrated and refreshed.


Hi guys! My name is Marianthi Papadopoulou and I'm a new fashion blogger from Greece.I'm 15 years old and my dream is to become a successful fashion designer. Fashion is my passion and that's why I created this Blog.

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