Let the summer begin

Hi guys! Sorry for being away for over a month since I last posted but I was really busy
studying for my school exams. Anyway, today we've got  a different post. It's about something more casual that you can wear in your daily routine.It's like streetstyle and it's very comfortable too. You can also wear it for a walk at a seaside resort or either on the beach.

In some photos I'm wearing a  casual white T-shirt with a rose while in others I'm wearing my red swimsuit. I can also tell that this Levi's Star Wars pair of sorts is my favorite one for the summer until now .For accessories I chose to wear a red bandana and my new pair of earrings, which is a big trend nowadays . Finally, I'd like to tell you about my sunglasses . It's a vintage pair, which is very popular. I also loved it because I can wear it for a long time. And ,of course, it's from a Greek brand named Original vintage Eyewear. Check their page immediately ! Bye for now ,see you on my next post .


Hi guys! My name is Marianthi Papadopoulou and I'm a new fashion blogger from Greece.I'm 15 years old and my dream is to become a successful fashion designer. Fashion is my passion and that's why I created this Blog.

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